November 28, 2022


T1 Diabetic, Humanist, sci-fi geek, space nerd; nemesis of mornings. Satirical, dry, suspiciously minty.

My first ‘proper job‘ was in Arts Marketing. I now work as a CCTV Control Room Supervisor and in casual venue security. In the past I have worked as a voice-over/actor/narrator, stage actor, script writer, and audio video editor for venues and production companies along the local town bus route.

Before 2009 I had written nothing creatively since college in 1999. Then diabetes came into my life and the written word became my therapy. I write mostly about diabetes, my travels, bits of fiction, the odd dodgy poem, the occasional diatribe; life, the universe, and most things. I sometimes post themed Spotify playlists to compensate for having nothing else to offer except for themed Spotify playlists.

My writing influences are Douglas Adams, Bill Bryson, George Carlin and Carl Sagan; funny and poignant in their own way. In music I have eclectic taste, from Holst’s Planets to Pink Floyd; John Grant to Jarre. I like my sci-fi set in the future; Babylon 5 being my all-time favourite. If it’s comedy then it’s Red Dwarf, if it’s comics I’m a DC guy. Android over Apple, Empire over Rebellion, PC over Console, Nikon over Canon. Whiskey and rum, coffee and tea; ’cause Mum didn’t raise no fool.

The hobby I enjoy the most is photography; in Lightroom as much as out in the wild.  I currently shoot with Nikon D3200, Sony A6000 and Sony Xperia 1. I’m still clueless with flash and lazy with tripods; I always shoot RAW!

Dusting off the Blue Yeti microphone for those Teams meetings during ‘The Pandemic’ also saw me rediscover my voice-over mojo. I started doing online VO courses on Udemi. Two boxes of acoustic foam, some curtains, a Focusrite Scarlet interface, Rode Procaster and copy of Reaper later, I started writing and recording. It’s quite fun!

If I have a whackey theory it’s that we all exist in the Matrix and all the characters ever played by Hugo Weaving are in fact Agent Smith playing the part of Hugo Weaving playing those parts.

Believe nothing that you read and only half of what you see!

Creative content is never always a true representation of an individual’s worldview. My website exists for the sole purpose of satisfying my own creative indulgences.  Treat what you see, read, or hear as entertainment. I am an authority on nothing; a mouthpiece for no one.

If you like something so much that it compels you to tell me about it, please feel free via email, Twitter, or Instagram.  If you dislike something so much that you feel you must project negative energy toward me, read the last paragraphs again. Breathe in, breathe out, breath in, breath out…

Thank you for reading.